Thursday, September 27, 2012

Speaking at MySQL Connect This Week-end

I will give a talk at MySQL Connect where I present examples of how MySQL 5.6 improves the performance of many of the queries in the DBT-3 benchmark. I will also be giving a brief description of the relevant new optimization techniques and examples of the types of queries that will benefit from these techniques. My presentation is on Sunday (September 30) at 1.15pm.

I will also like to point you to the other presentations made by member of the MySQL Optimizer team:

Olav Sandstå: MySQL Optimizer Overview (Saturday at 11:30am)
Manyi Lu: Overview of New Optimizer Features in MySQL 5.6 (Saturday at 1:00pm)
Evgeny Potemkin: Powerful EXPLAIN in MySQL 5.6 (Sunday at 4:15pm)

We will also be having a BOF on Saturday evening (7:00 am) where we like people to come and give us some input on which query optimizations they would like us to work on for future releases.